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The oil and gas industry is currently exploring the best path forward when it comes to energy transition, decarbonization, volatile oil prices, and more sophisticated government regulation.

To help companies keep up, we leverage our expertise in developing new business models, transformational strategies, digital and operational approaches, and cost reduction programs—initiatives that deliver real value in the oil and gas industry and contribute to a path toward decarbonization.

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How BCG Delivers Impact in Oil and Gas

By combining our deep industry experience with proprietary digital technologies, advanced analytics, and extensive decarbonization expertise, BCG’s oil and gas consulting teams deliver lasting change to clients around the globe. Read about the impact we’ve had and the solutions we bring.

Shell's MachineMax Revolutionizes Equipment Management with Telematics

Shell and BCG Digital Ventures have worked together on many occasions to reimagine the future of business. This time, they sought to address an important challenge for the mining and construction industries: how to maximize the productivity of equipment.


Containing Oil and Gas Decommissioning Costs

The Dutch government is facing a wave of decommissioning commitments, driven by aging fields and the volatility of oil prices. The challenge: manage that decommissioning—estimated to cost a minimum of €6.7 billion—safely and efficiently.


Helping an Oil Refinery Sector Player Develop a Petrochemicals Strategy

One of India’s leading oil companies was facing a fundamental change in its core business: to transition from traditional fuels toward electricity, natural gas, and other low-carbon energy sources for mobility. In response, the company wanted to aggressively expand into the faster-growing petrochemicals market. But first it had to determine which segments of that market to target and then develop a sound plan for moving into each.


Global Refining Model

BCG’s global refining model provides insight into the current and future refinery sector and petroleum products markets.


Performance Database of Unconventional Assets

BCG’s performance database for unconventional assets manages detailed information on leading shale operators and basins.

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Our Latest Thinking in the Oil and Gas Sector

Dispatch from Davos: Energy Companies and the Race to Save the Planet Energy companies are leveraging technology and collaboration to decarbonize their business, transition to new sources of energy, and build a cleaner future."

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Alan Thomson
Managing Director & Senior Partner

Are Oil Companies Prepared for the Changing US Energy Landscape? Fundamental forces in mobility and power generation could pressure traditional oil and gas companies to transform the way they do business in the US. And these transitions may arrive faster than many executives expect."

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Marie-Hélène Ben Samoun
Managing Director & Partner

Energy transition: the new and necessary mindset for the energy sector At last week’s Mexican Energy Forum, I gave a keynote on a topic of serious importance to energy sector leaders everywhere: Disruption is coming, and you’re probably not ready."

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Paul Goydan
Managing Director & Senior Partner

The Future of Oil and Gas The uncertainty surrounding demand amid a shift in the cost of supply creates challenges but also opportunities for companies."

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Jamie Webster
Senior Director | Center for Energy Impact
Washington, DC

Oilfield Services and Equipment: Five Years, Five Themes Since 2014, BCG has tracked the performance of 100 companies across ten segments. Now, after five years of coverage, five themes characterize today’s market."

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Philip Whittaker
Partner and Director, Oil & Gas

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Advice on Global Warming As we mark Earth Day today, it can be easy to get discouraged about global warming and its impact to our planet."

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Alan Thomson
Managing Director & Senior Partner
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