Solutions for Technology Industries

Technology industries are facing unprecedented change.

New technologies are reaching market penetration in a fraction of the time it took older technologies to do the same. Disruptors are capitalizing on existing infrastructure and leaping ahead in market share. Consumers are demanding faster connectivity, greater interoperability, and ever more innovative products and solutions. To survive, companies have to rethink how they do business.

Many companies in the technology sector are taking advantage of the changes in the market by enhancing their capabilities. They are becoming more sophisticated in their approach to capital markets, in developing deep consumer insight, in building software capabilities and in developing pricing strategies. We are helping many digital device, software, and IT services companies via our proven concepts and frameworks such as:

Transforming capabilities

Corporate transformation

Large-scale agile transformation/smart simplicity

Hardware to software transformation

Digital, big data, and analytics

Maximizing core value



Next-generation B2B selling

Customer centricity (self service)

Growth and innovation

Cloud, virtualization

Internet of Things

International Business

Business model innovation

Managing the portfolio for value

TSR for portfolio management

iTSR lens for portfolio improvement

Postmerger integration

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