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The COVID-19 Investor Pulse Check Series

As we adjust to the new reality, what do investors expect from the US economy, the US stock market, and business leaders?

BCG’s COVID-19 Investor Pulse Check series is intended to bring the voice of the investor to business leaders and board members. While we feature the most recent investor perspectives here, you can explore earlier editions below.

Our most recent survey, conducted October 29–31, 2021, finds that while investor concern about the business impact of the pandemic is waning—with 55%, down from 63% in June, seeing it as an important investment consideration—investor uneasiness about both the stock market and the economy is on the rise. Concerns over inflation, interest rates, and macroeconomic growth have come to the fore, and investors in this environment increasingly expect management to deliver on forecasts.

The respondents represent investment firms with more than $5 trillion in combined assets under management. They cover a broad spectrum of investing types and styles, and about 85% are portfolio managers and senior analysts directly responsible for making buy, sell, and hold decisions.

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The COVID-19 Investor Pulse Check Series