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What Doctors Can Learn from Each Other

In medicine, doctors and nurses are the ones who make the costly decisions. Therefore, limiting doctors’ freedom is a way to hold costs down. But that can’t be the best way to manage health care. BCG takes a step back and examines value-based health care. Different hospitals can have different results on the same procedures. But patients don’t have all the information, and that makes choosing a surgeon a high-stakes guessing game. Stefan Larsson looks at what happens when doctors measure and share their outcomes to see which techniques are the most effective. Could health care get better—and cheaper—if doctors learn from each other in a continuous feedback loop?

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What Doctors Can Learn from Each Other

Nordic Agenda 2017: As Their Lead Slips, Nordics Look to Revitalize Growth

After more than a half-century of economic and social success, Nordic countries are confronting the reality that they must adapt. The countries’ ability to keep providing world-class social benefits is in question because of changes that are eroding the foundations of their economies. Those changes include the rise of new global competitors and the trend toward digitalization of economic activities around the world. While Nordic countries are still operating from a position of strength, their future is no longer assured.

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Launching a New Digital Agenda

The development of the Swedish economy, and the country's ability to remain competitive, is largely dependent on how well Sweden can leverage digitization and technology to drive economic growth and job creation. In the early 2010s, Sweden was the world leader in digitization, but while other countries have increased their investments in digital solutions and technology, Swedish investments have stagnated. As a consequence Sweden has lost its digital leadership and is on a negative trajectory in BCGs e-Intensity Index. Changing this current trajectory and re-claiming global leadership must be a national priority. Therefore, it is time for Sweden to launch a new digital agenda, with the aspiration to make Sweden the best country in the world for leveraging digitization and technology to drive economic growth and job creation.

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Children's Rights for the Corporate Sector in the Nordic Region

Children's Rights for the Corporate Sector in the Nordic Region

Written by Global Child Forum in Stockholm with research support by BCG, this study analyzes how the 300 largest publicly traded Nordic companies are addressing children's rights issues across nine industries.

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