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Presenter, TED@BCG

Kristi Rogers worked closely with a TED team to produce her talk, "Where Are Our Digital Ads Really Going?," for the October 2014 TED@BCG event in Berlin.

The TED team helped her turn her initial concept based on research she had conducted into a compelling talk. Kristi worked with TED's experts in storytelling—including a TV and film producer who served as Kristi's coach. The coach guided Kristi in translating data-heavy research and PowerPoint slides into a story "both a CMO and a grandmother would find interesting."

"I worked closely with the TED team for three months shaping and reshaping the talk and practicing it over and over and over—through several in-person meetings, video chats, phone calls, and e-mails. 

"One thing I discovered is that a TED talk is never finished and never perfect. There is always more that can be done to make it better—and the TED team collaborated with me throughout that process. They reminded me that delivery is just as important as the content of the speech—and challenged me to step out of my comfort zone for my presentation on the big day. 

"On the day of the event, the TED team's smooth operations and strong focus on curation came to life. They put me at ease—and I felt humbled to be among such an impressive group of presenters." 

Kristi Rogers is a project leader at BCG in London.

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