BCG's Client Learning and Enablement Program: Build the Capabilities to Achieve Enduring Success

“Only the fittest survive” is a mantra of business. In a fast-changing world, the fitness factor is doubly important. So CEOs need to build or strengthen their capabilities to win—and they must do so in an enduring way.

Among our clients, the demand for client learning and enablement is growing. In response, we are partnering with companies across industries, helping them develop the right people with the right skills supported by the right organizational structure, processes, and tools. They know that if they have all this, they stand the best chance of outpacing their rivals in a fast-changing world.

We believe the best approach to achieve this goal is to follow a three-step program. This can be designed for an entire enterprise, a business unit, or just a function.

First, you have to identify the capabilities required to win. Then, you have to develop better managers—providing them with an appropriate mix of technical, managerial, and leadership skills—and the next-level business platform to maximize their effectiveness.

This approach, which lies at the foundation of BCG's client learning and enablement program, ensures that you benefit from a step-change improvement in business results and the next level of strategic capabilities and also achieve an enduring competitive advantage.

And that means sustainable success.

Capabilities to Win

Better Managers

Next-Level Business Platforms

Enduring Results

Client Learning and Enablement