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Our Latest Thinking on Innovation & Product Development

Innovative companies take a diverse approach to not only product development, but to the way they do business inside and out. Innovation strategies require forward-thinking ideation, agile collaboration, and seamless execution. Explore BCG's thought leadership on innovation and product development to rethink your innovation strategy.

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Innovation & Product Development in Nordics

Green Leadership: A Practical Guide to Winning in the Green Economy

Green Leadership: A Practical Guide to Winning in the Green Economy

While the “green shift” has been on Norwegian business leaders’ agenda for several years, we are now starting to see real impact. Companies are shifting their approach to sustainability from avoiding negative consequences to building competitive advantages through green efficiency (increased resource efficiency) or green growth (innovation in products or services).

CMO Transformation Agenda: Winning in Digital Marketing

CMO Transformation Agenda: Winning in Digital Marketing

It’s a whole new game for chief marketing officers (CMOs). The combination of digital technologies and innovative retail businesses has totally transformed consumers' shopping behavior. And the game keeps changing. While companies are building strategies for desktops and laptops, consumers are switching to mobile devices and apps. CMOs have two options: turn digital marketing into a competitive advantage or allow it to become a competitive disadvantage. Those who want to win need to rethink their strategies, tools, and organizations. In many cases, they need to transform the way they approach their roles. Here's a game plan for adapting to the digital age.

Digitizing Europe: Why Northern European Frontrunners Must Drive Digitization Of The EU Economy

Europe’s digital frontrunner countries must make digitization a top priority and provide strong European leadership at the highest political levels to guide cooperation across nations to secure future growth and employment. While the positive impact of digitization is expected to benefit the entire continent, some EU nations stand to gain more than others and therefore should help pull Europe toward a more digitized economy for the benefit of all.

Digital Sweden: How Consumers Are Setting the Pace and Creating Opportunities for Businesses

Economic growth from digital activity has accelerated quickly, and the Internet contributes SEK 275 billion in value, or 7.7% of GDP. This growth has been driven by the Swedish consumer, whose eager adoption of new mobile devices has triggered a recent wave of online consumption across all major categories of private spending. Companies that are able to leverage digital tools to meet this demand achieve growth rates twice as high as their less-digitalized peers in the same industry. Sweden remains a leader in BCG's e-Intensity Index, bolstered by strong consumer engagement, but indicators for government and business engagement have weakened since 2009 relative to international peers.

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