The Net Revenue Management Suite

Catalyst delivers real-world revenue and pricing insights that drive lasting business results.

What It Can Do for You

The net revenue management (NRM) suite contains eight key tools, each of which can be used modularly or be integrated with the others. These tools improve your organization’s NRM capabilities and pricing decisions by integrating internal and external datasets. The integrated data they provide helps you optimize prices and promos, identify new profit areas, improve mix management, and sharpen your overall NRM program.

The NRM Suite of Applications


The Price Waterfall

The Price Waterfall reveals what drives year-to-year price change.


The Market & Profit Simulator

The Market & Profit Simulator conducts simulations and competitive response scenarios to optimize prices.


The RSV Driver Tree

The RSV Driver Tree compares consumer price changes against those of competitors.


The Advanced Promo Optimizer

The Advanced Promo Optimizer optimizes promotional ROI and identifies key improvement drivers.


The Price Mapper

The Price Mapper creates a visualization comparing pack-price demand curves against those of competitors.


The Profit Pool Breakdown

The Profit Pool Breakdown maps capture of profit pool with SKU by retailer.


NRM Elasticity

NRM Elasticity analyzes "clean" SKU elasticities.


The Mix Manager

The Mix Manager optimizes mix for revenue growth and profit.


  • Integrated yet Modular. The applications can work together or independently.
  • Powerful. This suite can process terabytes of data, and lets you integrate multiple sources such as Nielsen, IRI, and SAP.
  • Flexible. The tools easily adapt to different markets.
  • Easy to Use. The simple, adjustable interfaces of the applications integrate into the daily routine of your marketing, sales, and finance functions.
  • Builds on NRM Methodology. The easily tailored tools fit into your larger NRM program.
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