Centers of Excellence

A successful go-to-market strategy begins with a good foundation of knowledge covering all aspects of marketing, sales, and pricing. BCG’s centers of excellence offer a breadth of experience and capability in these topics.

BCG’s experts drive results at every stage of the process, from monitoring results of marketing, sales, or pricing pilots to maximizing results over the long term and conducting in-depth studies that provide insight into consumer behaviors and attitudes.

BCG's Centers of Excellence Transform Go-to-Market Strategies

Pricing Enablement Center

Most pricing efforts stop as soon as a new pricing strategy starts to deliver results. But without the right internal capabilities, the results you’ve worked so hard to achieve may slowly fade with time. Pricing enablement boosts your organization’s pricing capability and extracts the maximum value from pricing strategies long after the consulting team is finished.

Google Digital Academy

BCG has partnered with the Google Digital Academy in a marketing industry initiative to drive dramatic upgrades in digital marketing skills. The program includes an annual Digital Skills Index report that delivers insight into cross-industry digital capabilities which helps identify key gaps in digital marketing skills. The Google Digital Academy shows companies how to build these skills with a curriculum that keeps pace with the rapidly changing digital marketplace.

Center for Customer Insight

Understanding what matters to customers and what drives their behavior is essential to creating competitive advantage. BCG's Center for Customer Insight conducts quantitative and qualitative research—often using proprietary techniques—to discover the most pertinent information related to customer thinking and behavior.

Digital Ventures

Innovators, operators, entrepreneurs, and investors team up with BCG’s Digital Ventures to reimagine how people experience products and services, and to create new sources of competitive advantage. Using proprietary methodology and intellectual property, the team helps companies improve digital innovation, product development, and commercialization. BCG Digital Ventures can also help companies create new sources of competitive advantage through the launch of digital ventures.

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