The Demand Centric Growth® Approach

BCG has developed a sophisticated compass that can direct companies toward the most promising roads to growth. This approach can guide all of a company’s growth efforts, from innovation to expansion, from screening acquisition candidates to executing in the marketplace. Introducing: the Demand Centric Growth approach.

Getting the true map of demand enables companies to isolate pockets of demand where they can focus, win, grow, and build competitive advantage. Succeeding in today’s competitive and challenging marketplace, for companies in any industry where consumers make choices, requires two things in sequence:

  1. A simple, singular understanding of consumer demand, anchored in how consumers make choices
  2. A clear plan to attack the growth opportunities this map presents

The Demand Centric Growth (DCG) approach reframes the market in a way that highlights new opportunities to grow, while keeping the core in clear focus. Ultimately, we provide support to create an effective growth strategy, including which demand spaces to target, which products or services to offer, what the ideal integrated commercial offering is, and how to structure operations to support those efforts. We have deployed our approach across a wide range of industries, from fast-moving consumer goods, travel, and retail to financial services, healthcare, and technology; the results invariably ignite growth and share gain, and the opportunity is widespread.

Getting to the Heart of Why Consumers Choose What They Do

Two BCG experts share how Demand Centric Growth helps you throw out your preconceived notions of what drives the market and step back to take a fresh look at the facts.

As we have refined our Demand Centric Growth approach, we have seen tremendous results in accelerating and reigniting growth with our clients. An improved focus on demand spaces where they can win allows brands to find sustainable sources of growth and advantage.

Dylan Bolden
Managing Director & Senior Partner

A Need for the Demand Centric Growth Approach

How can you know if a demand centric approach to growth is right for your business? These five indicators can identify areas where the Demand Centric Growth approach is needed and valuable.

  1. Consumer Test. Can your company explain simply how consumers make choices about its brand or a competitor’s? If your company is losing share (even while it is growing), can you explain why?
  2. Market Test. Is the shape of the market fundamentally shifting? Are disruptive new players emerging?
  3. Portfolio Test. Are multiple brands going after the same targets, resulting in high rates of cannibalization? Does your company lack an integrated view of the role in the portfolio for individual brands?
  4. Commercial Cohesion Test. Are the marketing, sales, and innovation teams operating under diverse and disjointed sets of priorities?
  5. Growth Test. This is the ultimate test: Is your company’s growth rate below ambition or historical norms? Does management finds itself constantly making tradeoffs involving price and volume growth?

Featured Experts

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