Identify, Target, Enable

We want to make pricing a better source of value for businesses. By identifying the right strategy, targeting the moves that will have the greatest impact and building capabilities, we deliver greater levels of impact each step of the way.

Strategy-Led Approach

There’s no single pricing strategy that works for every company. We identify the right strategy—from launching a new product to penetrating a new market—that will create the greatest impact.

Stay ahead of the market. Senior pricing experts work closely with your senior leadership team to develop a pricing strategy and roadmap that help you stay ahead of the competition.

Our combination of pricing and industry expertise gives us the unparalleled ability to prioritize and execute the pricing moves that deliver the most impact.

Reap the results. With our tools and analysis, you can devise pricing strategies that are targeted to your competitive advantage and that lay the foundation for pricing capabilities within your teams.

Customized Tools

With customized tools that are easy to update, we help you target the right moves that will maximize your impact and enable your teams to maintain and execute the strategy over time.

Our tools cover a broad spectrum of applications, from visualizing and diagnosing your current practice to refining pricing hypotheses, as well as managing and monitoring pricing data in real time:

  • MSP B2B Pricing Catalyst by BCG. The B2B Pricing Catalyst application helps your company understand its power in the often opaque and high-stakes world of B2B pricing.
  • Price Performance Diagnostic. Builds the basis for generating impact with pricing. It is used to identify pricing improvement levers in companies.
  • Market Predictor. Forecasts market share based on the features of your various offerings and your price positioning. It builds scenarios, taking into consideration your competitors' responses to your pricing decisions.
  • Sales Quotation. Enables our clients to build pricing consistency based on de-averaged pricing algorithms that are tailor-made for your organization and on an analytical tool that drives pricing discipline with account managers.
  • Price Performance Effectiveness. Empowers our clients to develop category-specific recommendations about which products to put on sale, which mechanics to use, which discount level to use, and how often to run a promotion to reach the desired ROI.

Building Capabilities and Enabling Business

Traditional pricing projects stop as soon as the implementation of a new pricing strategy is under way. At BCG, we work shoulder to shoulder with clients to implement differentiated pricing tactics that drive big impact as well as build capabilities and tools that sustain long-term value.

Enablement for Sustainable Growth

Establishing pricing capabilities and capturing sustainable value is a multiyear journey. Our enablement process takes companies beyond the tactical considerations and near-term gains of shorter engagements to build capabilities for long-term value.

We begin by developing pricing strategy that builds the foundational capabilities and delivers immediate impact. We then continue to develop the practice, positioning companies to sustain growth far into the future.

  1. Enablement starts at the beginning of an engagement—and continues even after we have transferred the skills your team needs to implement strategies.
  2. We conduct a comprehensive maturity “health check” evaluating the status quo and comparing the company’s capabilities with industry best practices.
  3. We help assess and develop your talent, identifying talent needs, assessing current talent, acquiring talent from external sources, and building the right set of skills.
  4. We transfer the skills and expertise of our teams to yours, through coaching, internal certification, and building internal training teams.
  5. We work with you to build the next level of pricing infrastructure necessary to move your organization significantly closer to best-in-class performance.
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