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Our Latest Thinking on Transformation

To stay competitive in an era of disruption, business leaders must create value through transformation—or risk the perils of a shifting landscape. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on transformation to learn how to lead and execute large-scale change across an organization.

The Science of Large-Scale Change

Advantage Beyond the Crisis

Advantage Beyond the Crisis

In order to emerge stronger, companies must ensure that their response to COVID-19 is not just immediate, but also transformational.

Win the Fight

Restarting Societies and Economies—Safely

Executive Interviews

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On a Quest to Enhance Customer Experience: Centrica's Transformation Journey

3 min(s) watch

On a Quest to Enhance Customer Experience: Centrica's Transformation Journey

Steven Ermisch on the Outstanding Turnaround of a Public Bank

BD’s Vincent Forlenza on Transforming in a Rapidly Changing Industry

Nick Jue on Transforming ING Netherlands and Introducing an Agile Way of Working

An Interview with Inga Beale: Leading the Insurance Market to a Digital Future

An Interview with Berndt Brunow

An Interview with Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa

Douglas Ingram on Allergan Transformation

The Solvay Journey: Asking More from Transformation

Forging Sustainable Change at Tata Steel

Forging Sustainable Change at Tata Steel

When one of the world’s biggest steel companies ran into a crisis, it successfully launched a major change initiative—and integrated the ability to change into its DNA.

Are You Ready to Transform?

Are You Ready to Transform?

Change is hard, but readiness is all. Companies prepared to manage the leader, people, and program journeys can double their chances of success.

Transformation in Nordics

The Time to Transform is Now

The Time to Transform is Now

It’s hard to avoid. Seen from any angle, there seems to be consensus that the global economy is losing momentum after a period of robust growth. Weakening business sentiments and consumer confidence, decreasing global trade, and increasing debt levels are only a few of the indications that the risk of a downturn is real.

Nordic Agenda 2017: As Their Lead Slips, Nordics Look to Revitalize Growth

After more than a half-century of economic and social success, Nordic countries are confronting the reality that they must adapt. The countries’ ability to keep providing world-class social benefits is in question because of changes that are eroding the foundations of their economies. Those changes include the rise of new global competitors and the trend toward digitalization of economic activities around the world. While Nordic countries are still operating from a position of strength, their future is no longer assured.

CMO Transformation Agenda: Winning in Digital Marketing

It’s a whole new game for chief marketing officers (CMOs). The combination of digital technologies and innovative retail businesses has totally transformed consumers' shopping behavior. And the game keeps changing. While companies are building strategies for desktops and laptops, consumers are switching to mobile devices and apps. CMOs have two options: turn digital marketing into a competitive advantage or allow it to become a competitive disadvantage. Those who want to win need to rethink their strategies, tools, and organizations. In many cases, they need to transform the way they approach their roles. Here's a game plan for adapting to the digital age.

The Comeback Kids: Lessons from Successful Turnarounds

Here’s what can happen when decisive leaders set ambitious goals and make smart bets.

Bringing Digital Transformation to Airbus: An Interview with Marc Fontaine, Digital Transformation Officer

Bringing Digital Transformation to Airbus

Digital transformation officer Marc Fontaine discusses how the aircraft manufacturing giant is meeting the challenge of digitization in an incredibly complex industry.

Transformation: Delivering and Sustaining Breakthrough Performance

Edited by Lars Fæste and Jim Hemerling

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CEOs' Priorities for 2020

CEOs' Priorities for 2020

The CEOs we speak and work with every day--especially those whose companies are most fit to succeed in the coming decade--have several of the same priorities and ideas on their minds for 2020.

Expert Interviews

How Can Companies Use Digital Levers to Improve Performance?

How Can Companies Use Digital Levers to Improve Performance?

Three Tactics That Can Help Companies Beat the Transformation Success Odds

A Holistic, Human-Centric Approach to Transformation

Ib Löfgrén on Lessons From Successful M&A Turnarounds

Five Ways to Lead in an Era of Constant Change

Leaders Need to Adapt to "Always On" Transformation

An Imperative to Transform

Rune Jacobsen on Transformation

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