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BCG Gamma Data Science Competition

The BCG Gamma team comprises world-class data scientists and business consultants who specialize in advanced analytics. BCG Gamma combines advanced skills in computer science, artificial intelligence, statistics, and machine learning with deep industry expertise.

BCG Gamma Data Science Competition: Forecasting road traffic with open data

BCG Helsinki and BCG Gamma challenge you to prove your data science skills in open data based forecasting competition.

The competition is based on Finnish Transport Agency's open road traffic data, and your task is to develop analytical approach for predicting hourly traffic volumes in specific traffic monitoring stations over mid-summer weekend. You are to put your favorite analytical tools to good use and come up with innovative and functional predictive approach using historical traffic volume data, combined with traffic interruption, weather or even road camera data.

So don’t hesitate to register here.

Forecast period: June 22-26, 2018
Solution submission DL: June 21, 2018

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