Julie Is a Courageous Ally

Marketing Coordinator, Copenhagen

At BCG, Allies bring a sense of collaboration and excitement to their teams. They create an atmosphere of trust and support in which people can do their best work. Julie has the courage to take action.

From the beginning, BCG gave me the tools to dive deep into the business with great encouragement and to add my own touch and seek out new marketing opportunities.

Julie Bekker

In Julie’s Words

I started out in the music business, spending almost a decade doing marketing and PR for the truly talented artists from both EMI and Warner Music's roster. Just when I began to wonder if the time had come for a change, a position opened at BCG, and so my adventure with the color green began. In fact, working in marketing at BCG has proven to be more "rock 'n' roll" than I would have imagined, with amazing SATT events, inspiring conferences, daily media coverage, and close work with the brightest people in the field.

At BCG, you feel you're given a unique opportunity to drive forward your own ideas and projects with great support and input from those above you. Everyone is so open to new approaches, new initiatives, and new ways to innovate our business—all of which makes my job a daily joy!

About Julie

Julie holds master’s degree in business economics and communications from Copenhagen Business School.


What is a typical day like for you?

Although every day varies, I'm always in the process of pitching new ideas with our PR agency for media coverage of BCG. We also always have so many events going on—both locally and on a Nordic level—so there is always some work related to that on my desk. Updating our social media platforms, answering media requests, and brainstorming about how to improve our SATT and marketing efforts is also ongoing.

What inspires you about BCG?

I really get enthusiastic about the way BCG gets involved in social impact work, both on a local and a global level. In order to secure a better world for our children, we all need to get engaged in some level of social work, and BCG is really giving back to society on so many levels. From a marketing and PR perspective, this is something I feel really shows a different side of the business, with so many people doing amazing work! I'm also widely impressed by the level of expertise, which makes BCG a thought leader for an entire business community.

What does innovation mean to you, and how do you innovate in your role?

For me, innovation is staying curious about the world surrounding me, looking forward instead for backward and trying to see things from a new perspective. I love to discover new trends and seek new channels for communicating our brand, and I try to always add an extra something to our initiatives. BCG is a thought leader on so many levels, and our marketing activities should also reflect that.

Julie Is a Courageous Ally