Marielle Is a Dynamic Advocate

Alumna, Oslo

At BCG, Advocates are thoughtful and engaged. They listen closely because they believe that the best solutions can be discovered in the most unexpected places. Marielle challenges the status quo.

The best part of working at BCG is being surrounded by people with high energy and ‘can do’ spirit every day.

Marielle Hvide

In Marielle’s Words

My background is in economics, and a career at BCG was not the obvious choice for me. But after meeting several people from the firm, I knew that this was the place for me.

The three best things about working at BCG are the people, the clients, and the challenges. It is unique to have the opportunity to work with so many smart people who have such great social skills. Everyone is highly motivated and grounded in a profound wish to make change for clients and for society as a whole. Furthermore, you get to work with some of the biggest and most influential companies in the world, constantly driving change and shaping the future of the industries we work in. No day is the same and no day is without a new challenge, making it virtually impossible to get bored!

About Marielle

Marielle holds a master’s degree in economics from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration.


When did you know you belonged at BCG?

I spent a summer working for an online retailer in Jakarta with several former BCGers. They were all inspiring people—always positive, friendly, and open-minded. That summer, I decided that BCG was the place for me.

What inspires you about BCG?

What truly inspires me about BCG is the partners’ profound wish to have an impact on the companies we work with on society by constantly pushing for positive change.

What are you reading right now and why is it interesting?

I enjoy the books of Malcolm Gladwell because they challenge how I see the world.

Marielle Is a Dynamic Advocate