Tatu Is a Dynamic Seeker

Managing Director & Partner, Helsinki

At BCG, Seekers go deep into the challenging issues our clients face. Their curiosity empowers our teams to facilitate change and add value to society. Tatu challenges the status quo.

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Tatu Heikkilä

In Tatu’s Words

I joined BCG as an intern during my industrial engineering studies. It was a great summer and the decision to return to BCG after graduation was easy. I have always been interested in the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) sector. The opportunity to spend a year in the BCG San Francisco office as part of our Ambassador program was a truly unique experience. Both being able to work with the globally leading technology clients in the Silicon Valley and experiencing the diverse California culture and lifestyle were inspiring. Since returning to the Nordics, I have continued focusing on the TMT clients supporting them in major transformations.

It is very rewarding to be able to support the client in major change and deliver significant value. As part of my work over the past five years, I have been increasingly focused on marketing, sales, and pricing topics, and I currently lead that practice area in the Nordics.

I think BCG is like a family in which we all inspire, challenge, respect and support each other. I think this culture makes us unique and has kept me in the firm for a long time.

About Tatu

Tatu has an MS in industrial engineering and management from the Helsinki University of Technology.


If you could compare what you do to any other job, what would you say?

Few places are as ambitious, intellectually curious, people oriented, client focused, international, and collegial as BCG.

Tell us about a moment when you challenged the status quo.

Stopping doing something that has been "always done" is difficult for companies, even if everyone knows that the status quo does not create value. In two occasions this year, I have suggested to the CEO that it is time to stop a business or practice right away and move on to other priorities. In both cases, it has released an enormous amount of energy and financial value in the client organizations.

What are some of your volunteer or charitable work experiences?

I led a study for a nonprofit organization to evaluate how information technology can help in reducing carbon dioxide and global warming, which resulted in many policy initiatives in the US to help fight global warming.

Tatu Is a Dynamic Seeker