Build. Connect. Grow.

BCG is the place for people who want to make an impact on business and society. We form meaningful partnerships with our clients to solve complex challenges and shape the future together. BCGers support and inspire each other to explore new approaches and discover key insights that lead to lasting change. Here, you create your own path and develop a platform for success.

Building Impact

In an increasingly complex world, we go deep to unlock insight and have the courage to act.

At BCG, you work with the most influential organizations in the world to help them compete in today’s fast-paced environment and build their future. The work you do every day—going deep to discover key insights and having the courage to break new ground—leads to a lasting impact on companies, industries, and society.

  • Your work will have global impact. The work you do at BCG will have impact across regions and communities all over the world.
  • Our social impact is local and global. There are many ways you can make a living; working at BCG gives you the opportunity to make a difference.
  • Join our legacy of innovation. Explore some of our most influential thought pieces, evidence of the way in which we always seek new approaches to tackling the most complex problems.

Connecting Aspirations

It’s pretty simple. We genuinely want to help our clients and each other succeed.

As part of the BCG community, you connect with people who come from different backgrounds but share a common aspiration: to shape the future together. You form deep relationships with clients, our partners in change. In our environment of trust and respect, ideas come first, no matter who they’re from. You are supported, challenged and inspired by your teammates and through our training offerings and focus on apprenticeship.

  • Our teams are open and collaborative. We structure our teams to represent a range of experiences and insights because we value diversity of perspective. We seek to include, for example, variations in education and work experience, and differences in gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and geographic representation.
  • We support sustainable intensity. BCGers work hard because we’re passionate about what we do, have a vision to fulfill, and a determination to achieve. But BCGers also work smart. Learn more about career sustainability at BCG.
  • You'll build strong relationships with our clients. Creating trust and open communication is a priority. We help our clients hear hard truths and take bold steps. And it works.

What I care about most is building strong relationships with people. This means I can have much more impact when I am at the client, and I can continue that collaborative dialogue after I leave.”

Ewa Hottelart
Global Risk Senior Manager

The best part of working at BCG is the people I meet. Whether it's the clients, my case team, or the wider BCG network, I'm continuously motivated and challenged by the diverse outlook and set of experiences everyone brings to the table.”

Kelsey Arneson

Growing Leaders

To truly develop yourself, you have to challenge established thinking. You have to seek a better way.

At BCG, you forge your own path: immersing yourself in new challenges, broadening your knowledge, and deepening your expertise. We encourage you to never stop exploring and to challenge the status quo. You will experience accelerated growth and build a platform for future success as a leader within BCG and as a member of our alumni network. Our long-standing commitment to career sustainability allows you to build the work experience that is best for you.

The best thing about being at BCG is that you can define your own development path and experience. The firm offers a wide array of opportunities to choose from and always supports us to pursue our passions outside of project works.”

Ernest Saudjana
Managing Director & Partner

As Our Business Grows, So Do Your Opportunities

  • International Opportunities. We encourage our staff to become global ambassadors, resulting in more than 25% of our consultants working outside their home countries every year. Learn more about international opportunities for consultants.
  • Career Development. BCG offers continuous feedback, semiannual reviews, and an individually assigned career development advisor who helps you craft and execute your development plan.
  • Training and Development. You receive up to four and a half weeks of training and development in your first year, and at least one week every year thereafter, including extensive in-person instruction, events, and practice area meetings. We also offer a world-class learning portal with more than 1,200 custom modules and a supportive team of more than 400 internal trainers from our most senior consulting staff. Learn more about learning and development.
  • Apprenticeship. We offer day-to-day guidance and support from the project leader on your case, your fellow teammates, and a mentor.
  • One BCG, Many Paths. BCG employees have flexible opportunities within career options and tracks, with the ability to alter pace and focus area according to personal preferences.
  • Educational Support. BCG provides financial support for professional education and advanced degrees.
  • Secondment. Work for up to a year in a secondment position for private sector clients around the world or for our global partners in social change.
  • Career Sustainability. All employees have access to programs that provide eligible staff with flexible work options, such as part-time arrangements or the opportunity to take an extended period of time off.

Depth in Every Significant Industry and Function

At BCG, you will gain a breadth of experience, working with leading organizations on their toughest challenges.

Learn more about BCG’s expertise across a range of industries and capabilities

Establish a Network for Future Success

BCG will be an asset for your career, providing an opportunity to build lifelong and life-changing relationships—and our nearly 22,000 alumni continue to be an essential part of our community. Learn more about the alumni network at BCG

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