Diverse Digital Perspectives, Cutting-Edge Skills, Seamless Collaboration

Companies can't create digital value in a vacuum. BCG helps companies own the digital future through the coordinated collaboration of agile, cross-functional teams. We are grounded in insight, empowered by technology, and armed with an impetus for action.

Different Industries, Different Digital Solutions

Every company must embrace its digital future. But how it plays out will vary widely depending on the specific sector of the economy. BCG combines in-depth industry expertise with a deep understanding of the disruptive potential of the latest technologies.

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Multidisciplinary Teams—for and with the Client

The companies that are owning the digital future are those that embrace digital diversity: diverse perspectives, diverse skills, and diverse capabilities.

BCG’s digital teams reflect this diversity, combining digital-savvy business consultants and industry experts with a full spectrum of digital specialists from our dedicated digital subsidiaries. And we work seamlessly to combine our capabilities with those of our clients to deliver extraordinary results.

DigitalBCG Immersion Centers

Whether our clients want to jumpstart their digital transformations or need to focus on one portion of their journeys, our centers bring together the right business teams to unlock new value. They demonstrate the culmination of our diverse digital competencies: from digital business strategy, to data science and analytics, to enterprise technology architecture, and enable clients to set the foundation for successful digital transformation journeys.

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Realizing Outcomes Through Seamless Partner Collaboration

BCG’s partnerships broaden and extend our core competencies, offerings, and reach. We have proven experience integrating external capabilities alongside our own, allowing us to design, deliver, and scale value. We collaborate with our partners across a variety of specialties to deliver unique advantage to clients. We focus on partnerships in the following areas:

  • Strategic technology partnerships provide access to competencies, infrastructure, and platforms that our clients need to design and deliver innovative transformation.
  • Implementation-support partnerships allow BCG to orchestrate the delivery of new capabilities to our clients across industries, geographies, and market segments with significant scale and consistency.
  • Joint-venture partnerships are our cooperative investments with clients and other organizations in pursuit of new business models and revenue sources beyond the core businesses.
  • Academic and philanthropic partnerships help BCG engage the next generation of diversity, innovation, and ideas across the firm, our clients, and other partnerships, cultivating our workforce of the future, and giving back to the communities we live in and serve.

Qin Xu

Managing Director & Partner

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