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Unleashing the Combined Power of Digital Technology and People

Digital Transformation Accelerator

As entire industries are disrupted by bold digital entrants and business models, more and more companies are at risk of losing competitive advantage. The music, retail, media, and travel industries are already quite familiar with this trend. Now similar patterns are emerging in more traditional industries, such as banking, agriculture, energy, health care, industrial goods, and manufacturing. Some companies are realizing the tremendous benefits of going digital and are launching digital transformation programs.

In the modern business environment, an organization’s digital strategy and corresponding transformation must be a top priority for the CEO and senior management team. Organizations can no longer dabble at the edges by just appointing a chief digital officer or by adopting the latest tools and technologies—unless they understand how to make these moves a part of a larger shift in the business. Top management has to be prepared to make fundamental changes in order to remain competitive.

The mission of the Digital Transformation Accelerator is to help organizations transform into digital enterprises. The Digital Transformation Accelerators help its clients by providing a mix of development and training programs—skills enablement—along with end-to-end transformation—specialist capability enablement—supported by digitally oriented tools and processes and a vendor ecosystem—delivery enablement.

Digital Transformation Accelerator offers programs in these three key categories:

  • Skills enablement includes training and development programs ranging from classroom and online training to reverse mentoring and project sprints—aimed at transforming clients into digital enterprises.
  • Specialist capability enablement supports the rewiring of organizations through specialist capabilities such as agile delivery, information security, and collaborative enterprise transformation.
  • Delivery enablement offers the delivery of customized software solutions through advice, support, and the orchestration of a Digital Center of Excellence as well as a partner ecosystem.

Digital Transformation Accelerator's approach gives clients the ability to sustain the benefits of a digital transformation effort long beyond the strategy consulting engagement.

Digital Transformation Accelerator