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Why Medicare Advantage Can Be a Golden Opportunity for US Health Systems

For US health systems, launching a Medicare Advantage health plan is no longer just a strategy for diversification. It’s a path to faster growth, a way to leverage assets that provide a unique competitive advantage, and a key strategy for protecting an organization’s future and relevance in a changing market.

The Closest Hospital May Not Be the Best

A comprehensive study of health outcomes in hospitals reveals significant variations in performance across the US that cannot be explained by patient demographics, health upon admission, or a variety of other factors. The results show that health care reform must move beyond a focus on cost and include a push for outcomes transparency. Measuring and improving outcomes will lead to higher innovation and competition—and an improved quality of health care overall.

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What Doctors Can Learn from One Another

BCG’s Stefan Larsson, a doctor by training, looks at what happens when doctors measure and share their outcomes with fellow physicians to see which treatments and techniques are the most effective. In this TED talk, Larsson describes how health care can get better—and cheaper—when health outcomes are measured and the results are shared.

Stefan Larsson TED Talk: What Doctors Can Learn from Each Other

Six Steps for Building a Value-Based Hospital

With a sharp focus on improving patient outcomes, value-based hospitals are improving cost efficiency while increasing competitive advantages in their regions.

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The Path to Accountable Care

Health care systems around the world are increasing their focus on accountable care, an approach that aligns health care payments with patient-focused outcomes.

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Onwards & Upwards: In Pursuit of Growth

Growth is an irreplaceable source of value creation for business and society. Neither has much of a future without it. How we collaborate, strategize, and innovate and how we embrace new technologies can unlock tremendous growth and value.

The Value of Bundles

Value-based bundling—integrating all the care for a specific procedure under a single price—is an effective strategy for providers competing on outcomes.

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