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Consumers have embraced—and now fully expect—digital interactions. It’s how they want to do business. Insurers cannot ignore the digital opportunities they face today, but how do they approach digital transformation?

It’s not about a hot new mobile device or the latest app. It’s about using technology in innovative ways to achieve true customer focus across the entire organization. But every insurer is different and digital transformation is a process—not an event.

Because insurance customers are focused on digital modes of interaction, insurers must zero in on digital go-to-market techniques in order to attract them. Further, they must digitally reengineer their own internal operating models and embrace new technologies in order to attract new digital consumers—and retain the best talent.

Here is our latest thinking on the most important digital topics disrupting the insurance industry. From insurtech to digital operations, today’s insurers must win customers by facing the challenge of digital transformation with the right set of tools, the right partners, and the right mindset.


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Digital Transformation in Insurance

How can insurers set themselves on the path to complete digital transformation, avoiding the pitfalls they will encounter along the way? We propose a three-stage process.

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Data, Analytics, and AI for Digital Insurers

Analytic innovation––predictive and prescriptive analytics of big data, artificial intelligence, and optimization––is conquering the world, and the insurance industry. And that’s a good thing.

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The IT of Digital Transformation in the Insurance Industry

To drive digital transformation, insurance leaders need the right digital platforms, a tech foundation for the future—and an agile way of working, enterprisewide.

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Smart Operations for Digital Insurers

In order to remain competitive, leaders need to rethink existing processes, structures, and methods of customer interaction. They have to digitize the core.

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The biggest risk for an incumbent carrier is not the next insurtech startup. It’s the competitor that partners effectively with that startup, harnessing the innovative firm’s tools and techniques to augment and accelerate the carrier’s digitization initiatives. The most innovative carriers today are forging insurtech partnerships and learning from leaders in China.

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Digital Innovation in Insurance

Insurers are competing for new digital-native customers. To do so, they have to disrupt the status quo with new digital products and businesses that reinvent conventional insurance offerings. Digital innovation is key to winning customers and create new revenue streams.

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Is Your Company Digitally Fit?

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