Media & Entertainment Industry Impact - BCG Case Studies

BCG's experts helped a print media company build a profitable digital operation. Read how our industry consultants positioned the client for success.

The online business was relatively new for the client. It turned to BCG for help transforming itself into a leading online presence. Building relationships with consumers and key advertisers was critical to this effort. The project focused on two key areas:


  • Diagnosing and segmenting clients
  • Conducting a client survey
  • Building a sales strategy


  • Benchmarking competitors and studying best practices
  • Analyzing consumer behavior

BCG's analysis showed that a strong sales force is the source of competitive advantage. The project team:

  • Created a disciplined plan-do-check-act cycle to ensure regular visits and value-added consulting services
  • Designed sales-management tools
  • Developed a profile of target customers
  • Clarified costs associated with customer acquisition

The team also found that effective use of direct-to-consumer relationships creates competitive advantage. Therefore, the project:

  • Built one-on-one relationships with consumers
  • Introduced CRM and consumer analytics

The company conducted a pilot to test BCG’s recommendations. The success of the pilot persuaded the client to implement the recommendations. As a result, online profitability increased more than two times faster than that of print media.

Media & Entertainment Industry Impact - BCG Case Studies