Drive Value Through Leadership and Talent Development

Most efforts at developing leaders and talent fail, yet the need for exceptional leadership at all levels has never been clearer. It is only by tightly linking leadership and talent development to value creation that companies drive sustainable, superior business performance.

Companies are spending millions of dollars each year on leadership development and talent management programs that aren't delivering the desired results and impact. Among the factors that handicap leadership and talent initiatives are focus on certification versus learning, fragmented talent management systems, and a disconnect between capabilities and business strategy.

BCG believes that the key to sustainable business outperformance is a tight link between leadership and value creation. Either done in isolation of the other leads to inferior, unstable outcomes. Taken together and tightly integrated with value creation, leadership and talent development can be an engine by which companies consistently outperform against objectives—and competitors.

Our approach recognizes that value creation is amplified by strong leadership capabilities. Integrated leadership development enables sustained advantage by aligning leadership and talent systems and processes—while continuously measuring results to drive further improvement.

The approach builds capabilities and drives value through a three-step approach, answering key client questions:

Define Leadership and Talent Priorities

Design and Deliver Development Programs

Embed Talent Management Capabilities and Systems

BCG's Integrated Leadership and Talent Approach

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