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Ghislain Is a Courageous Explorer

Senior Researcher, London

At BCG, Explorers are unafraid to embark on new journeys. They try new solutions to untangle complex problems and drive transformational change. Ghislain has the courage to take action.

Working at BCG means being empowered from day one: empowered to share your expertise, empowered to learn and coach—true control of your career path.


In Ghislain’s Words

My field of expertise is competitive intelligence, mainly in automotive and aerospace and defense. It was important for me to work for a company where I could keep such focus. BCG turned out to be the right company for that, offering me the daily opportunities to interact with experts from numerous countries while deepening my own expertise in heavy industries. Working at BCG is a unique opportunity to support projects that actually have an impact. What is more satisfying than reading the newspapers and seeing that one of your clients is performing well thanks to your team's work?

Moving from our Paris to our London office as part of BCG's knowledge and analytics organization has been a way to challenge myself intellectually, and to develop my leadership and business skills. Add to that top-of-the-class mentors and you have a recipe for passionate and highly dedicated teams.

About Ghislain

Ghislain has experience from past contracts in the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries, where he conducted operations in the field of competitive intelligence. He holds a BBA from the ESSEC Business School and a master’s from the Paris School of Economic Warfare.


Q: What do you like most about your job?

A: I like the fact that I have enough freedom to develop my team and business, which enhances creativity.

Q: What is a typical day like for you?

A: I constantly coordinate projects for five to ten case teams every day. This usually means interacting with teams of consultants and experts across all continents. Another part of my time is dedicated to designing training sessions for our team members in different countries. Last but not least, I regularly keep a hand in internal projects: redesigning our processes, implementing new tools, and developing knowledge products.

Q: What are some of your favorite things to do outside of the office?

A: Each time that I can, I like to coach students and speak about competitive intelligence at my former universities. Lately, I have been back into the practice of Krav Maga: I think this very realistic self-defense system is perfect for developing confidence and balance. Its techniques are constantly evolving, and mixing psychological and physical understanding of behaviors and environments is key.

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