Tackling Your Unique Digital Imperative

Digital technologies are transforming every aspect of business – and no turnkey solution will equip you to keep pace. DigitalBCG engagements are designed to deliver immediate value, while also building the capabilities, processes and mindsets necessary to sustain your digital transformation. The result is an agile, self-funded journey, in which quick wins help refine the operating model and make the investment case for broader transformation across the business.

To enter the digital future, companies must rethink the impact of digital dynamics on their business strategy and identify the initiatives likely to have the biggest impact. Once identified, executing these initiatives requires rapidly scaling new capabilities and ways of working. Thanks to the power of technology, data and AI company-wide ramp-up can be accelerated. DigitalBCG’s flagship digital programs are tactical ways to quick-start your digital transformation.

Setting Digital Priorities for Your Business

Successful journeys start with a plan. BCG’s Digital Acceleration Index benchmarks your organization’s digital maturity against best-in-class digital leaders. Our Digital Strategy Roadmap looks outside to identify short list of high-value digital moves that build on your strengths. It also lays out the transformation plan, accountabilities, and metrics needed to bring your digital strategy to life.


Digitize the Core

Using the latest advances in digital technology and analytics, BCG works with executives to rewire their organizations and create new sources of value from within their core businesses.

Incubate, Innovate, Grow

Any strategy for creating the digital future must also look beyond the core business to anticipate disruption. Through BCG Digital Ventures, we work with clients to invent—and invest in—new sources of revenue.


Adopting New Ways of Working and Ecosystems

Digital is not just about technology—to be able to scale it, you have to change the culture and either build or join collaboration networks. BCG embeds digital best practices and ways of working into companies’ cultures, both by implementing agile at scale, and via our Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) methodology. We also help companies foster collaboration by effectively setting up, managing, or entering digital ecosystems.

Leveraging the Power of Data & Technology

Advances in data science, artificial intelligence, and technology enable large-scale data collection and digital-ready technology functions—but extracting the value isn’t simple. It requires a full-scale business transformation. BCG guides this transformation effort, showing companies how to put their data to work, and adapt their technology platforms in a way that generates value quickly, while setting the stage for future success.


Lionel Aré

Managing Director & Senior Partner

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