Richard Helm is a core member of The Boston Consulting Group’s Technology Advantage practice and has been a BCG Fellow since 2012. Richard’s career spans high-technology research, product development, systems integration, and management consulting. Since joining BCG, Richard has worked in financial services, government, and the natural-resources industry helping transform companies through technology. He is also an internationally known authority on software architecture and design.

His research focus is technology-enabled transformation of companies and industries. In particular, he is examining how established companies use technology to make the leap to shape the operating structure of their industry. Many industries have gone through, or are undergoing, technology-enabled transformations, which can create significant value and competitive differentiation but are difficult to execute well.

Richard is exploring how leading companies manage to do this successfully. In particular, he is interested in the pathways they took, the traps and pitfalls, the successes and failures, and the required internal capabilities and funding models.

Prior to joining BCG in 2003, Richard was with Platinion (a BCG subsidiary), IBM Global Services Australia, and IBM Research in New York.


  • PhD, computer science, University of Melbourne
  • BSc, with honors, University of Melbourne


  • 2005 ACM Programming Languages Achievement Award for contribution to the field of programming languages
  • 2010 ACM SIGSOFT Outstanding Research Award for contributions to theory and practice of software engineering
Deep Expertise, Broad Experience