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Wojciech Is an Imaginative Seeker

Consultant, Warsaw

At BCG, Seekers go deep into the challenging issues our clients face. Their curiosity empowers our teams to facilitate change and add value to society. Wojciech connects the dots to see the bigger picture.

What I really value about BCG is that we always thoroughly examine the problem, and we get to its root. Only then can we give recommendations that are relevant and impartial, and give measurable profits to the client.


In Wojciech’s Words

I joined BCG as an associate right after my graduation, and I have been involved in projects related to different industries ever since. I have had the opportunity to work on the development of a sales increase program for a bank, due diligence for a power company, as well as a five-year strategy development project for an insurance company.

During all projects, I have learned from the best. What I appreciate about BCG is that you get to work with such extraordinary individuals of various educational backgrounds and with different levels of experience. However, the most important thing is that regardless of your position in the company, or experience, your opinion can influence final recommendations for the client. I got a very important module with my first project at BCG.

About Wojciech

Wojtek has been working at BCG since 2012. He graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics, majoring in quantitative methods in economics and information systems, and he earned an MBA degree from the Kellogg School of Management.


Q: What characteristics do you believe define a BCGer?

A: I think integrity and intellectual meticulousness are definitely characteristics that define our company. Having had the chance to meet BCGers from all over the world at different training sessions, and during my MBA studies at Kellogg, I was often surprised how culturally unified we are as a company—and how strong the sense of belonging to BCG is.

Q: What’s the biggest impact you have had with your work?

A: What stands out is a project during which I had to develop a new incentive system for a bank. It was absolutely amazing that through my recommendations, I could influence the incentives of a lot of people, and that, as it turned out in the end, my recommendations would have a massive impact on the direction of changes and the bank’s sales.

Q: What’s your home office environment like?

A: I have been working in the Warsaw office of BCG since 2012, but I had met many people from the office even before joining. Since we are still a relatively small office, it is wonderful that everyone knows everyone personally and that there is a family-like atmosphere at the office. What bolsters the family atmosphere is the fact, that despite seeing each other every day of the workweek, we still hang out on the weekends, participating in different sport activities and on other excursions.

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