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The Business Impact of COVID-19

The world has changed forever. Organizations that embrace this new reality—and reimagine how to operate in it—will outperform and outlast the competition.

    Now more than ever, business and government have a crucial role to play in protecting people’s health, bolstering the economy, and developing both practical solutions and game-changing innovations. At BCG, we’re working with companies and public-sector organizations around the world to manage the impact of the coronavirus, with actions ranging from rapid responses to more fundamental, strategic shifts. We’re also helping leaders look much further ahead and envision how the crisis will continue to affect the competitive environment and what society will need in the coming months and years.

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    BCG Executive Perspectives Special Edition: Is Omicron Signaling a Shift to Endemic COVID?

    Is Omicron Signaling a Shift to Endemic COVID

    If the latest variant has taught us anything, it’s that we’ve still got a ways to go in the fight against COVID-19.Though it is less severe than previous variants, Omicron has dwarfed previous peaks quickly because of its high transmissibility. The good news is that we as a society have learned from the past two years and, armed with vaccines and increased public health measures, have it within our power to reduce hospitalizations and deaths. Still, we need to be ready to live with COVID in the years ahead. Managing this coexistence will require governments to accelerate their support for global equity in testing, vaccine distributions, and therapeutics. Businesses, for their part, should continue to work closely with the public sector in the interest of public health and safety. Explore our full analysis about the effects of COVID-19 over the last two years in our BCG Executive Perspectives series.

    How COVID-19 Is Changing Business

    Already, we’ve seen major shifts that are forcing companies to rethink how they operate in virtually every area—from pricing and procurement to supply chains, sales, and cybersecurity. More change is sure to come.

    The Social Economics of Work and Productivity - rectangle

    The Social Economics of Work and Productivity

    The pandemic unleashed a global experiment in productivity and performance. Just as public health officials have much to learn from the crisis, so too do corporate executives.

    Leading in the New Reality | LiNR | Promo | Rectangle

    Leading in the New Reality

    What will the world look like after the pandemic? The answer is, in part, up to leaders in business and government around the world. They can shape our new reality.

    How COVID-19 Is Reshaping Industries

    No industry will be immune to the impact of COVID-19. For some, the crisis poses an existential threat. For all, now is the time to revisit basic assumptions about what it means to compete and thrive.

    Building a Brighter Future for Airports

    Building a Brighter Future for Airports

    Hard-hit airports can rebound from the crisis by adapting their economic models, promoting industry sustainability, and fully realizing their digital potential.

    Public Sector, Health Care, and Social Impact

    The coronavirus crisis has created exceptional challenges for public sector organizations and health care companies while underscoring, for all industries, the power and importance of social impact.

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