Optimize for Both Social and Business Value

Optimize for Both Social and Business Value

Winning the ’20s

To win in the 2020s and beyond, business will have to be about more than just business. Companies will need to create value not only for their shareholders but also for society—by confronting humanity’s toughest challenges.

Organizations are uniquely positioned to tackle societal issues, but leaders must think beyond traditional initiatives for corporate social responsibility. Where to start? Center your company’s purpose on doing good while doing well.

Don’t Treat Social Value Creation as a Side Activity

Integrate Societal Impact into Your Corporate Strategy

Do you treat societal impact and financial performance as separate strategic efforts in your enterprise? If so, you’re missing out on opportunities to boost your bottom line while benefiting society. Mastering this dual imperative will be essential for succeeding in the coming decade.


Total Societal Impact: A New Lens for Strategy

Contributing to society cannot be a side activity. Companies that use their core business to address environmental, social, and governance issues can create more value in the long term.

BCG Center for Climate & Sustainability

This is one of humanity’s defining challenges of the 2020s.

Learn more about The BCG Center for Climate & Sustainability

Redefine Your Company’s Purpose

To win the ’20s, don’t relegate your company’s purpose to just a punchy statement on your website. Instead, define a purpose expressing how your enterprise will go beyond driving profitability—by creating vital new value for society. You’ll attract high-quality talent, win loyal customers, and build a reputation as a business ethics and social responsibility leader.


How to Harness the Power of Purpose

To unleash superior business performance, define a purpose—your company’s reason for existing—that’s authentic and inspiring. Then ensure that it informs actions throughout your organization beyond CSR initiatives.


Solving the Tech Industry’s Purpose Problem

Tech companies are under pressure to demonstrate stronger leadership in the arena of business ethics and social responsibility. To meet this challenge, industry players must reset their purpose—to clarify what societal needs they’re serving.

Push Beyond Traditional Initiatives

Integrating CSR initiatives into corporate strategy and defining a purpose that includes the social good don’t just happen on their own. Business leaders must inspire and empower their organizations to meet these imperatives head on. Excelling at corporate statesmanship—along with capturing lessons from world leaders in business ethics and social responsibility—can help.


The Case for Corporate Statesmanship

CEOs today must demonstrate much more than traditional corporate social responsibility leadership. That requires mastering the art of corporate statecraft—showing how their company is acting for the common good, not just serving its immediate interests.


Winning the ’20s

How should leaders prepare their companies to thrive in the new decade?

Industry Spotlights

To surmount humanity’s toughest challenges, players in diverse industries will have to work together. Through such collaboration, the most progressive among these organizations will transform threats to their industry’s right to operate into opportunities for reinvention and fresh growth.

Remaking Fashion & Luxury for Sustainability

Demands for more responsible practices can’t be ignored. Yes, Sarah Willersdorf acknowledges, making changes will be costly. Not making changes? Ultimately, even more so.


Why Innovating for the Social Good—Not Just Shareholders—Will Help Businesses Succeed in the Future

Why should your company care about business ethics and social responsibility? You’ll achieve impressive financial returns while tackling society’s thorniest problems. Wendy Woods and David Young explain how to excel on both fronts.

Winning the '20s