Key by BCG: Unlocking Your Performance Potential

Driving and Sustaining Competitive Performance Is a Perennial Challenge

Leaders must not only define a performance aspiration but also rally and empower their teams to achieve that aspiration. Key by BCG is our battle-tested performance management approach for tackling that challenge.

Achieving competitive performance is easier said than done. Many leaders experience setbacks and pitfalls, including the following:

  • Setting performance targets based on incremental improvements on last year's results versus setting targets that are informed by an understanding of what defines competitive performance in the industry
  • Observing that the organization is busy driving a long list of improvement ideas but never seeing the impact hit the bottom line
  • Feeling as if the business is on track to hit planned targets, only to be surprised by disappointing performance levels at the end of the year

Key Is Different

To address these challenges, we have developed Key by BCG, a performance management solution enabling leaders and their organizations to attain and sustain long-term competitive performance. 

With Key by BCG, companies will: 

  • Set an ambitious competitive performance target with a clear timeline 
  • Facilitate continuous idea generation and prioritization, focusing on the most critical improvement areas and true “needle mover” initiatives 
  • Manage progress utilizing simple executive-level dashboards, predictive performance trajectories, and exception-based reporting 
  • Drive accountability for business delivery results, starting with the leadership team 
  • Leverage the power of the full organization to connect their day-to-day work—and motivation—to business impact

The Three Key Elements

This is how Key by BCG helps clients unlock their full potential through performance management: 

  • Winning Approach. Our system for driving and sustaining competitive performance 
  • Digital Platform. A web-based application that provides visibility into the predictive performance trajectory of your business and areas in need of attention
  • Client Enablement. The development of your team's capabilities to independently sustain competitive performance in the long run

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