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Create a Customer-Centric Growth Platform for the Digital Age

Customer expectations, experiences, and relationships are changing dramatically for companies in almost every industry. Traditional go-to-market capabilities that once guaranteed success are now just table stakes in a rapidly evolving competition.

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Today, companies must seamlessly integrate digital and human channels and capabilities to strengthen customer relationships continuously and meet these rising expectations. Providing an impeccable customer experience and personalized service 24/7 are only starting points.

As companies retool their customer engagement models, the commercial functions of marketing, sales, and pricing are all becoming radically more sophisticated. AI, software, technology stacks, and smarter data are being leveraged to identify the right price and the next best offer, and to convey branding across multiple digital and offline channels. Tech-empowered teams are anticipating needs, curating personalized messages, and delighting customers.

Increasingly, human and digital channels, touchpoints, and capabilities are blurring and converging. Commercial functions are becoming bionic. In retail, for example, online chat, digitally enhanced shop-floor assistants, and store employees posting on social media can all engage with customers in real time.

Digital technologies also offer fresh opportunities to improve operating models. The combination of low-cost data sensors, computing power and storage, AI, mobility, and robotics will allow numerous business processes to be automated within the next few years. 

The greatest potential opportunities, however, lie beyond adopting new technologies or improving processes. They involve deep transformational change—such as organizational leaps from traditional transaction-based business models rooted in products and services to customer-centric business models and growth platforms.

Guiding companies through strategic change and transformation is our specialty—whether the change involves a full-scale transformation of all commercial functions, or making single-function advances in marketing, pricing, or sales.

In fact, the commercial transformation capabilities of BCG have been ranked the deepest of all consulting firms. Our hundreds of expert practitioners help companies create customer-centric platforms for growth through advances in data-driven marketing, personalization and customer experience, technology stacks, and organizational change:

  • Significant competitive gains in data-driven marketing, personalization, and overall customer experience are supported by our expertise in advanced analytics and digital, backed by BCG’s GAMMA data unit.
  • Strategic development of technology stacks is supported by BCG’s Digital Marketing Accelerator (DMA), the firm’s Technology & Digital practice, its Platinion IT architecture and implementation design unit, and MSP Catalyst, a cloud-based software platform solution that unites complex data, analytics, and AI.
  • Organizational change is supported by the BCG’s client learning and enablement program and Build Operate Transfer (BOT) capabilities.

We work shoulder to shoulder with leading companies that choose to embrace revolutionary opportunities to redefine the future of sales, marketing, and pricing. We help them transform their commercial strategies and achieve organic, customer-centric, double-digit growth while improving marketing and sales efficiency and effectiveness.

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