The Innovation Center for Operations: Our Approach

ICO’s umbrella of Industry 4.0 services include model factories, mobile labs, enablement curriculum, and more—all of which can help companies fulfill their Industry 4.0 potential and join the next manufacturing revolution.

Model Factories

Six model factories worldwide offer a tangible Industry 4.0 experience, the opportunity to increase capabilities, and an immersion in technology.

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The ICO Infrastructure

In addition to model factories, ICO broadens the Industry 4.0 experience in a number of ways:

  • Lean Mobile Labs. These are globally deployable labs that offer interactive workshops to address specific Industry 4.0 goals.
  • Assessment and Benchmarking. ICO offers an app for Industry 4.o health checks, as well as a database with more than 200 use cases and benchmarking with other companies.
  • Enablement Curriculum. We offer a broad range of training through 23 modules, including expert sessions as well as experiential learning activities.
  • Sensors for Quick Impact. ICO can provide companies with a range of sensors ready for use on the shop floor to create transparency and set focus.
  • Implementation Know-How. ICO works with leading implementation partners and has an extensive database of key technology vendors.
Innovation Center for Operations