Industry 4.0 Vision and Roadmap: Building a Lighthouse Plant

A company was preparing to build a lighthouse plant. It turned to BCG’s Innovation Center for Operations to be able to assess the requirements of building a state-of-the-art plant in a high-cost country and understand the advantages that Industry 4.0 would bring.

The pain points for the company included a lack of transparency in production steering, a diverse and disconnected IT landscape, unplanned downtimes, and reactive maintenance.

With the help of the Innovation Center for Operations, the company defined short-term, midterm, and long-term scenarios that showed the direct impact on the baseline conversion cost.

Short-Term Focus: 16 Priority Use Cases

  • Implement pilot use cases for proof of concept
  • Implement use cases that solve the main pain points, including “exchange to exchange” production steering and predictive maintenance

Midterm Focus: Rollout and Phase Two

  • Roll out successful pilot application
  • Leverage integrated IT landscape to increase production performance

Long-Term Focus: Leverage Big Data Analytics

  • Introduce use cases that comprise big data analysis
  • High impact expected, but high data transparency required