Interview Process

Interested in joining a top global consulting firm? BCG Moscow is currently accepting applications year round. Read on to understand more about the interview process

BCG Moscow accepts applications throughout the year.

Applications should be made through our online application form. You will need to attach your CV and cover letter written in English (recommended CV size is 1-2 pages; cover letter – 1 page). All the applications will be reviewed and responded to within 2 weeks (10 biz days) of receipt.

The interview process may take up to 1.5 months and may vary at different levels and will be explained fully by our recruiting team if you are a successful applicant.

If you make it beyond the screening stage, you will be asked to work through a BCG GMAT-like test. Testing session takes 50 minutes and consists of 53 questions, which give us an opportunity to better test a number of key skills like calculations, logic, analysis and business sense/acumen. There is no verbal and essay part.

If you are successful at this stage, you will be invited to written case. Written case will allow you to get a flavor of how consulting work at BCG feels like, for us it is an opportunity to get a better understanding of your professional skills. You will be given some data about a client case and two hours on your own to answer 3 questions in form of 3-5 hand-written slides in English. In 2 hours time we will be expecting you to present the slides as if you were in front of a client. Therefore we would like to ask you to secure at least 2,5 hours of your time.

Candidates successful at the written case will be invited to the first of two rounds of interviews. The first of these will consist of two to three case-based interviews with BCG Consultants. The second round will consist of two case-based interviews with BCG Leadership.

Details of our case-based interview process can be found at the Interview Preparation page.