Eric Is a Insightful Explorer

Analyst, BCG GAMMA, Boston

At BCG, Explorers are unafraid to embark on new journeys. They try new solutions to untangle complex problems and drive transformational change. Eric finds clarity in a complex world.

What makes me tick at BCG are the intelligent, motivated, and supportive people I’m surrounded by. Everyone brings a unique perspective to the table, and no two days are the same.

Eric Fandel

In Eric’s Words

My background is in predictive modeling and machine learning—with roles in analytics and product management. I’ve always enjoyed problem solving in a variety of situations and contexts. BCG helps fuel my curiosity by allowing me to stay on the leading edge of these technologies and understand how they’re being put to use in every industry. It’s been very rewarding to have helped several companies embrace cutting-edge technology to transform how they do business.

What makes BCG such a great place is the people. Everyone has a unique mix of intelligence, passion, and humility that is not easy to find. I’m constantly meeting interesting people with all kinds of backgrounds—but we all bond over a common excitement for learning and growing.

About Eric

Eric holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in aerospace engineering (and a minor in mathematics) from the University of Michigan. He also is a former student and teacher in General Assembly’s Data Science program. Prior to joining BCG, Eric worked at Fiksu, an AdTech startup, and ICF International, a global management consulting firm.

Why did you choose to work at BCG GAMMA?

I came to BCG GAMMA because I wanted to be on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Many of the world’s largest companies trust BCG as a thought leader—so we are given the opportunity to help them with their most difficult problems, many of which center on how to best leverage these technologies. I’m able to learn and grow from the team at GAMMA at an excitingly fast pace.

How does GAMMA fit into BCG as a whole?

As data and digital technologies continue to grow at an exponential pace, it’s becoming increasingly necessary for businesses to leverage advanced analytics to survive. Big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are topics that now come up in many conversations about core business strategy taking place within companies. As a result, many of BCG’s traditional engagements now have data-related components—which is where GAMMA fits in.

What do you like most about your job?

What I like most about my job is the breadth of exposure. I get bored quickly, and I love learning and seeing new things. My role at BCG GAMMA satisfies the pace and intensity of learning that motivates me to get out of bed every day.

What inspires you about your work?

What inspires me about my work is the fact that we’re helping companies do something new and exciting. I’m part of a team that is trusted to tackle clients’ hardest problems and lead them into this new world of data and artificial intelligence. It makes every day interesting and unpredictable.

What is something that has surprised you about working at BCG?

I’ve been surprised by how friendly, supportive, and social the people are at BCG. You hear a lot about the intensity at big consulting firms, often in a negative way. Everyone here does work incredibly hard, but it’s because they enjoy doing so on interesting, challenging problems.

Eric Is a Insightful Explorer