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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are more than our ambition; they’re our advantage. Passionate, open-minded people of all backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, and ethnicities enable us to analyze problems from a broader perspective and challenge established ways of thinking.

At BCG, diversity is one of our core founding values. A richness of viewpoints, along with diversity of expertise, experience, and backgrounds, are fundamental to our success. This diversity enables us to meet the complex and wide range of business challenges that our clients encounter, resulting in an environment in which creative tensions foster new ideas.

We seek and hire the top talent from around the globe, encourage mobility across our offices and among our functional groups, and provide opportunities for our people to come together to exchange perspectives. The result is an environment that values and celebrates diversity.

We are deeply committed to making BCG a company in which all individuals are welcomed and given the opportunity to flourish, regardless of background, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Meet Our BCGers


Women@BCG is far more than a networking organization. It has the strategic objective of increasing the number, success, and job satisfaction of women at BCG. There has been tremendous progress and growth in increasing the representation of women within our firm overall and in key leadership positions in particular.

Some of the key components are:

Unlimited Opportunity for Growth

There are numerous models for success. Many women at BCG take the initiative and stake out new terrain—through building their own practices, exploring new regions, or developing new initiatives and innovations that challenge established thinking. Within one BCG, there are many paths, and you can choose the one you wish to follow.

A Better Way to Work

BCG goes beyond surface-level approaches to work-life balance for consultants; we pursue a better way to work . Our approach helps ensure sustainable intensity through options within our Flexibility@BCG program. We turned our gaze inward to establish a better workplace environment, getting to the root causes through our Apprenticeship in Action (AiA) initiative. AiA identified a set of key themes to improve retention, satisfaction, and promotion of its employees to senior management. The changes driven by AiA are a powerful tool to influence our culture, behavior, and mind-sets.

Support and Commitment for Individuals and Families

We are, by our very nature, a collection of diverse individuals. Through our Segment of One program, mentorship, and leadership commitment, we support each and every BCGer's goals and ambitions. In addition, for those who wish to start a family during their tenure, or already are parents, BCG's support for working mothers is generous by design, with a strong set of policies as well as informal norms to help women succeed during and after their pregnancies or adoptions.

I am continually impressed by BCG's commitment to Women@BCG, which aims to empower women across the company to fulfill their potential. From the day I joined the firm I have been welcomed and supported beyond my expectations. This collaborative spirit translates into a seamless access to a global network of experts.

Leila Hoteit
Partner & Managing Director

I am energized by the female role models at BCG: they make me aware of what I can achieve in my consulting career.

Mai-Britt Poulsen
Partner & Managing Director

At BCG, I have taken two career breaks and transferred offices. As a new mother, I have appreciated the opportunity to take time off as well as to work part-time while continuing to develop my career.

Karalee Close
Partner & Managing Director

Many of my friends have had to trade off personal development for flexibility, or meaning for security. I’m very lucky that my career can meet all these criteria.

Alex Macoun

With so many diverse backgrounds at BCG, there is no room for gender stereotypes.

Ulrike Garanin
Diversity and Inclusion