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Tuned by BCG: A Communication and Engagement Tool to Drive Change Management

Tuned by BCG, our change management app, helps companies bring a new, more powerful approach to communicating and engaging with employees during organizational change efforts.

Employees are at the heart of any change, but employee buy-in is consistently rated as a key barrier to change. Change management programs have traditionally involved one-way, leadership-driven communications that are lost in a high volume of unfiltered messages. While cascading messages from the top-down is critical, it’s not enough. Communications must also encourage dialogue at all levels of the organization, and support the alignment of the changing internal activities with the customer or market strategy. Thus, engaging your organization's leaders and employees in a new and more effective model is critical for success.

Tuned by BCG is part of BCG’s battle-tested approach to change management and is uniquely able to foster open-source engagement and cut through the noise of traditional communications. It’s a democratizing platform whereby communication content, dialogue, insights, and even decisions related to a change effort can be sourced from anywhere in the organization—constantly, and in real time. In turn, it delivers three-times higher engagement rates and improves the odds of successful change efforts.

What makes Tuned by BCG unique, and how is it able to achieve impressive employee engagement levels?

  • Easy to Use. With its clean and simple user experience, employees can learn how to use Tuned by BCG in minutes.
  • Closes the Gap Between Employees and Management. It takes down all barriers (e.g., hierarchy and geographical) and gives employees a unique chance to connect with their leaders.
  • Provides a Safe Environment for Employees. The app’s anonymous feature helps surface even the most difficult topics with management without any fear.
  • Rewards Participation. The app’s gamification component fosters participation and recognizes the most engaged employees and teams.
  • Provides Real-Time, Actionable Data to Leaders. The analytics dashboard helps leaders diagnose issues and target efforts to increase the efficacy of their change effort.
  • Shows Employees that Leaders Care. Employees see that leaders are committed to the effort through the constant and direct interaction between leadership and the organization through the app.

With Tuned by BCG, organizational responsiveness stems from a "feedback loop" involving all participants. Leaders set the change agenda; employees share ideas, raise concerns, and become thought partners to leaders; and management acts on the feedback shared by employees. Through this virtuous cycle, employees become more engaged with the organization, continue to contribute, and find a stronger sense of purpose and of belonging.

By embracing the conversations that need to happen most, leaders can harness the power of open-source engagement and focus on the most important interventions.

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