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Our Blockchain Expertise

BCG’s industry expertise and focus on value creation help our clients select and prioritize the opportunities that truly add value to their business and industry. We help you understand how to engage with existing or emerging blockchain-based solutions, and we support the development of use cases and operating models that can scale successfully.

BCG’s Approach to Blockchain

BCG and its sister companies BCG Platinion and Digital Ventures work with clients on blockchain in three critical ways: 

  • We help clients better understand how blockchain technology works. 
  • We collaborate with clients to assess the benefits and opportunities of blockchain as well as the disruptions that must be negotiated, providing a roadmap to implementation. 
  • We bring our experience across industries to bear, supporting our clients in development, operating model definition, and scaling. 

Through our client work, we’ve distilled this journey into a unique and proven four-step process that helps you decide what your role should be in the blockchain ecosystem. We also help you develop a workable strategy to assume that role.

Blockchain Workshop

BCG launches blockchain efforts with an educational workshop. Participants learn what blockchain technology is and where and how it is useful, share use-case examples, and brainstorm industry-relevant opportunities. 

Participants include C-level executives, strategy teams, and business unit heads. The length and structure of the workshop will be tailored to the specific needs of your company.

Innovation Sprint

In the second phase, participants take a closer look at the most promising areas of opportunity and the best ways to engage in blockchain strategies. You will identify, prioritize, and evaluate potential use cases based on their business value, difficulty to execute, risk, and the capabilities needed to go to market. 

Strategy teams and business unit leaders work together to develop an economic model and then an implementation plan for each major use case.

Development of Blockchain Proof of Concept

The third phase is developing a proof of concept (POC), which tests and demonstrates the feasibility of adopting a blockchain-based approach. In this phase, BCG helps you identify, evaluate, and choose the implementation platform and architecture best suited to the use case or cases on which you will focus. 

Business unit leaders develop a blockchain concept that is tested for its market fit, likely customer acceptance, and competitive viability. To map a customer journey, entails your team will engage in rapid iterations that combine early customer testing with market research to build solutions and pilot them quickly.

Blockchain Commercialization

Finally, in the fourth phase, BCG works with business unit leaders to develop a full, minimum viableproduct of a blockchain business as well as a roll-out implementation plan and timeline. 

A key step is to adjust the blockchain strategy to fit your overall R&D strategy. BCG supplies robust go-to-market capabilities and technology architecture. We also assist with beta customer onboarding and pricing.

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