Tushar Is a Curious Explorer

Partner, Jakarta

At BCG, Explorers are unafraid to embark on new journeys. They try new solutions to untangle complex problems and drive transformational change. Tushar goes deep to understand challenges.

BCG taught me that building a winning team is the only way to realize your own full potential.

Tushar Agarwal

In Tushar’s Words

I built my career in Southeast Asia as a banker, steel entrepreneur, and management consultant working in multiple sectors from banking to chicken farms. A move to BCG was appealing to me as it has provided a platform to elevate my career to the board level. The level of impact that I am able to personally make being at BCG is unparalleled.

As a project leader, all my cases have given me the opportunity to present my perspective to CEOs of leading multibillion-dollar Southeast Asian institutions. In a few short years, my understanding of the region and ability to create impact have multiplied. Further, all this has happened with a partner team that is personally invested in my development.

About Tushar

Tushar holds a BBA degree from National University of Singapore and an MBA from INSEAD. He has been actively working in Southeast Asia since 2003.


What do you like most about your job?

BCG taught me that building a winning team is the only way to realize your own full potential.

What’s your home office environment like?

BCG Kuala Lumpur and BCG Jakarta are like family units. There is strong friendship among the associates, consultants, project leaders, and all the way to the partners and with the business services team. It is amazing how these relationships remain solid many years after people leave BCG.

Have you benefited from a mentoring relationship at BCG?

Absolutely. Mentoring is key to building a sustainable career at BCG. My mentors helped me understand situations in tough cases, have become invested in my personal well-being, and have provided that additional nudge during promotion times.

Tushar Is a Curious Explorer