Machinery and Components

The Industrial Internet is here: smart, connected machines generating vast amounts of data that can be analyzed to improve operations or offer new services.

Traditional capital-equipment suppliers—which have historically focused on mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines—will need to rethink their business models and respond with new data-driven solutions.

Given these shifts, equipment suppliers must have a clear understanding of their strategy to capture the potential of the Industrial Internet. Implemented correctly, these new business models can allow suppliers to strengthen their ties to the customer and create new revenue sources.

Critical questions leadership should ask include:

1. What is the Impact of Digitization on My Industry?

  • Where is the core business at risk?
  • What are the opportunities from digitization?
  • Is there revenue in existing businesses and in new business models and efficiencies?

2. What Should the Organization's Digital Ambition and Strategy Be?

  • What is the right ambition for the digital agenda?
  • Where should the digital transformation start?
  • What is my digital strategy and roadmap?

3. How Do We Build Capabilities to Transform the Industry?

  • What is the right organizational setup for digital?
  • How do we implant required capabilities, systems, and technologies?
  • How do we build the right ecosystem?
  • How can we manage change and accelerate the transformation?
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