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Key is grounded in years of experience in helping organizations achieve improved performance within their competitive landscape. Read about two corporations that won by adopting the Key framework.

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Here are two examples in which BCG partnered with companies and used Key by BCG to make a lasting impact.


The company was struggling with profitability due to a significant drop in oil prices. A business review identified improvements required across capex, opex, and operational workflow. 

We benchmarked the financial and operational performance and identified the client as a fourth-quartile performer, with a cost structure 50% higher than that of its competitors. A winning target was set: the company aspired to be a first-quartile performer on financial and operational metrics in the next three to four years. Using Key by BCG, we identified an earnings target from benchmarking, as well as targets for capex and opex efficiency. We developed a program that would ensure continuous capex improvement, and we implemented a onetime opex-efficiency exercise. In addition, we streamlined existing processes and developed a factory model to enable six to ten times worth of improvement in throughput with 30% reduction in cycle time.

Key by BCG Brings $300 Million in Savings to Asia-Pacific Energy Company

Our client had years of experience building and operating large capital assets. They had recently completed a multibillion-dollar plant but were experiencing operational performance that was lagging industry best practices. They needed to reset the business unit's vision as an operating asset, align key metrics to support the vision, and ensure they captured the opportunities needed to drive asset performance.

By implementing all tenets of the Key by BCG approach, we first identified current performance, conducted competitive benchmarking, and sized the performance gap that would need to be overcome for the client to become a top quartile player. Next, we set up a process to collect ideas from across the organization and prioritize these ideas into initiatives. The known opportunities were consolidated and new opportunities identified. For each initiative the value was quantified, the business case was developed, and the implementation plan validated. Cross-functional teams were established to drive visibility and accountability. A project team was set up to engage and empower the organization to achieve targets that aligned to vision, new culture, and desired employee behaviors.

The Key by BCG digital platform was employed throughout the process to provide a single solution for performance management. Over 350 ideas were initially captured with more than 200 actionable initiatives prioritized for progression. From these, the top 20 initiatives alone represented the anticipated 3-year savings of +$300MM.

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