The Key Approach

Key by BCG’s approach is made up of five tenets, which together build a comprehensive system for driving and sustaining competitive performance.

The Five Tenets of Key by BCG

01. Winning Target

Setting the right winning target is a crucial first step in shaping the path forward and rallying the organization behind the improvement journey ahead. 

  • Start with understanding your actual baseline performance to ensure a realistic picture of today. 
  • Define the business outcome you would like to achieve. This should be a unifying metric or outcome that will indicate business success as opposed to functional or sub-business priorities. 
  • Utilize competitive benchmarking to inform your understanding of what “good” looks like in the industry, and set the aspiration for your business appropriately. 
  • Clearly define the comprehensive set of sub-levers that will drive this overall business outcome, and understand which ones will really move the ‘needle’

02. Right Focus

Generating enough ideas—and focusing on the right ones—ensures consistent progress toward the winning target. 

  • Define the gap to be closed between your baseline performance and the aspiration level you would like to achieve. 
  • Assess any current or ongoing initiatives to understand how much of this gap is already being addressed versus how much is still “white space.” 
  • Focus your idea generation on the levers with the biggest gap because those are the ones that can have the largest impact on the desired business outcome. 
  • Prioritize these ideas at a business level to ensure resources are focused on the right work. 
  • Build continuous-improvement initiative generation into the way you do business in order to maintain the pipeline needed to achieve the aspiration.

03. Predictive Performance

A structural approach to initiative management and reporting supported by the digital platform provides you with the right information at the right level—and gives you a go-forward view of your business' performance trajectory. 

  • One comprehensive solution for idea portfolio management, tracking initiatives from ideation to impact 
  • Simple, exception-based reporting to provide transparency and facilitate focused intervention 
  • Robust implementation plans with milestones and impacts to ensure executional certainty 
  • Go-forward performance trajectories as leading indicators to allow you and your team to get and stay ahead of curve

04. Committed Leaders

Driving leadership accountability ensures the delivery of results. 

  • Senior leaders should manage the strategic decisions and prioritization required to deliver the results through engaging in key decisions, removing execution roadblocks, challenging priorities among their peer group, and sponsoring a piece of the required improvement. 
  • Senior leaders should also work as a team and collectively own and deliver the business results, and should be incentivized accordingly.

05. Empowered Organization

Leveraging the power of the organization allows you to own and drive competitive performance. 

  • Tie employees' daily work to its impact on the desired business outcomes, improving business fluency and contributing to improved motivation. 
  • Flatten the organization. Any person at any level can submit an idea for consideration. 
  • Recognize individuals and teams constantly and very visibly for their ideas and impact.
Key by BCG