Transformations That Position Companies to Win

With more than 750 transformative engagements, BCG has proven itself to be a valuable partner during transformation journeys. Based on our experience with clients across all sectors and geographies we deliver sustainable step-change improvement in the performance of businesses and organizations.

Transformation Framework

BCG’s transformation framework is a proven approach to create sustainable step-change improvement in performance. Research shows that two-thirds to three-quarters of transformations fail to deliver envisioned results. BCG's transformation framework flips the odds in the company's favor.

Lars Faeste on the BCG Transformation Framework

Lars Faeste on the BCG Transformation Framework

Lars Faeste on the BCG Transformation Framework

Mai-Britt Poulsen on Funding the Journey

Mai-Britt Poulsen on Funding the Journey

Transformation: Winning in the Medium Term

Transformation: Winning in the Medium Term

Jim Hemerling on Organizing for Sustained Performance

Jim Hemerling on Organizing for Sustained Performance

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Evidence-based Approach to Transformation

Transformation is a high priority for all companies today. But many transformation efforts are driven by beliefs rather than hard data. BCG’s research shows that some predictable factors separate winners from losers. 

Transformations are often guided by beliefs that, while seemingly plausible, are more anecdotal than empirical. It’s time for a more evidence-based approach. 

To study corporate transformation and its success factors, BCG analyzed more than 300 companies across different industries over more than a decade. We built a prediction model to identify formalized transformation programs, based on restructuring costs and major corporate announcements And we conducted a multivariate regression analysis to determine the impact of a number of factors on change in total shareholder return (TSR) during transformations.


The Transformations That Work—and Why

In an era of perpetual disruption, companies face an urgent need to transform, yet most large initiatives fail. A new study identifies the factors that lead to higher success rates.



BCG TURN is a special transformation, turnaround and restructuring unit of BCG that works with business leaders to deliver rapid, sustainable and visible performance improvements, while strengthening their organizations and positioning them to win in the years ahead.

Lessons from Eight Successful M&A Turnarounds

About 40% of all M&A deals require turnaround or restructuring—some to address minor problems, others to stem a full-blown crisis. BCG TURN outlines a structured approach for maximizing value in these deals for both the target and the newly merged entity. 

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BCG's TIP Ensures that Transformations Hit Their Targets

Transformation has become the new normal. Their success requires the meaningful engagement of the entire workforce. Yet most programs and initiatives become extremely complex. To address this challenge, BCG has developed the Transformation Impact Platform (TIP). TIP distills BCG’s decades of transformation experience into a single set of tools. It addresses the two key requirements of transformation success: commitment throughout the organization and disciplined execution. 

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Public Sector Transformation

Public sector actors—no less than private sector ones—now confront a world of unprecedented disruption. While the public and private sectors face some common challenges, many differences demand an approach to transformation geared specifically to enable the public sector to address its specifics. 

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How to Use Impact Centers to Manage Change in the Public Sector

Like for-profit organizations, public-sector agencies can use impact centers and new ways of working to collaborate, streamline processes, and improve change management.

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