Latino Policy Forum

BCG’s Center for Illinois' Future helped the Latino Policy Forum develop a long-term strategy for focusing on social issues in Chicago.


Latino Policy Forum

While working on a wide range of issues affecting the Latino community in the Chicago area, the Latino Policy Forum (LPF) sought to hone its long-term strategy. The organization partnered with BCG to determine where it should expand its efforts and on which social issues it should focus.


BCG Solution

In collaboration with LPF leaders, BCG performed a comprehensive analysis of the organization and where its energies were being spent. The analysis found that the organization was spreading itself too thin by engaging in a very broad range of research, advocacy, and training initiatives. BCG recommended that LPF focus its resources and identified the strong need to maintain advocacy as the core of their work.


LPF formally launched its targeted new strategy in late 2016. The organization now embraces an increased focus on education advocacy to promote long-term prosperity for Latinos in Illinois. It is also renewing its advocacy in housing to promote wealth acquisition in the community and is stepping up its immigration and leadership work to increase advocacy efforts at state and local levels.

About Latino Policy Forum

The Latino Policy Forum (LPF) facilitates the involvement of Latinos at all levels of public decision making. The organization strives to improve education outcomes, advocates for affordable housing, and promotes just immigration policies in the Chicago area. With BCG’s help, LPF has revamped its strategy and focused its resources more effectively to promote long-term prosperity for Latinos in Illinois.