Food Systems and Security

The world relies on sustainable agriculture, resilient supply chains, and the availability of healthy food. BCG works with businesses, foundations, and governments to make the world’s food supply flourish—even in the face of climate-related threats.

Whether it’s a consumer products or agribusiness company seeking to make its global food-sourcing supply chains more resilient, a grocery retailer trying to reduce food loss and waste, a government striving to build a sustainable farming industry, or a humanitarian organization working to feed people and combat the effects of malnutrition, the challenges related to food systems and security are complex and urgent.

Climate change can and does threaten the food supply—along with the incomes of those who grow crops or raise livestock. Catastrophes such as COVID-19 can throw just-in-time supply chains off balance in a flash. At the same time, workers, customers, and shareholders are exerting pressure on companies to reduce their carbon footprint and their use of plastics in packaging.

BCG helps organizations manage these complexities. We bring deep expertise on issues ranging from supply chain management to advanced data and analytics. And we take a holistic, systems-mapping approach to help our clients address challenges.

How BCG Works with Clients on Food Systems

Large food-systems companies manage expansive supply chains that crisscross the globe. And yet many of their challenges are local. Looking upstream, CPG, food and beverage, and agribusiness companies must seek out and support local suppliers of food sources; looking downstream, they must deliver the healthy food that consumers want—sold at prices that in turn sustain suppliers. Our holistic approach to food systems consulting helps keep these dynamics in balance.


Agricultural Development Client Work

We work across the entire agriculture value chain, from equipment and seed to trade and retail, to serve leading food and agriculture companies and well as governments, foundations, NGOs, and coalitions.


Food Security and Nutrition Client Work

In our food security consulting, we seek to follow the mandate set forth in this UN Sustainable Development Goal: “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture.”


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