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How Partnerships Deliver Social Impact

Partnerships across the social, public, and private sectors often play the most powerful role in addressing the toughest societal challenges.

Partnering Across Sectors to Achieve the SDGs

Significant progress has been made towards reaching the UN’s Sustainable Development goals so far, but there are still countless resources to be unleashed and capabilities to be tapped into. Many are in nonprofit organizations or in government, but complementing these is a private sector increasingly willing and able to make giant contributions to finding new solutions to seemingly intractable problems. None of these actors, however, can develop the most innovative, effective solutions alone. To make rapid progress, the most powerful tool we have is partnership.

BCG's Global Social Impact Partners

We help these organizations develop their capabilities, improve their organizational effectiveness, and better deliver on their missions.

BCG’s Impact in the Community

A Selection of BCG's Local Social Impact Partnerships

Additionally, our offices choose and partner with a broad cross-section of local nonprofits and NGOs, totaling more than 350 social impact projects across the firm every year. This sampling of our local relationships spotlights a few of our efforts, which can range from consulting projects to thought leadership and volunteer activities.

Improving the Social Impact of the Public Sector

BCG also works with governments and other public sector organizations to improve their social impact in areas ranging from education to economic development to environmental sustainability.

BCG has developed this diagnostic tool to assess the relative well-being of citizens in countries around the world. See where your society stands.

Read the 2018 Sustainable Economic Development Assessment

You can learn more about BCG’s work in the public sector by visiting the site of our global Public Sector practice, as well as that of our non-profit foundation, the Centre for Public Impact.

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