Joining BCG as an Experienced Professional

Apply your knowledge and skills to new challenges. Whether you want to deepen your current expertise or explore a new field, BCG will enable you to accelerate your career. We offer continuous learning opportunities and the chance to make an immediate impact on our clients’ most important challenges, or impact the future of BCG from within.

Make an impact and drive change

From your first day at BCG, you will add value to our team, utilizing your experience in the industry, and continue to develop your career in a fast-paced and innovative environment. See some of our impact stories.

Accelerate your career with many options

Whether you want to focus on your current expertise or explore a new field, your experiences at BCG will enable you to propel your career forward. Whatever you choose to do, our individualized mentorship combined with in-depth and innovative training & development programs will help you increase your personal effectiveness at BCG and beyond – like our many successful alumni.

Sustainable career, supportive environment

At BCG, we believe there is a better way to work. BCG increases work predictability and career sustainability through optimizing the case team experience. Flexibility@BCG enables all BCGers to attain professional and personal goals through enhanced work options and the ongoing support to manage them.

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I come from an economics background, having worked on South African macroeconomics issues and industry trends within the southern region of the African continent. What brought me to BCG was the opportunity to expand my reach and deepen my expertise within the broader African continent. Making the career change to BCG has given me opportunities to work on a number of functional and industry topics, from helping multinationals to successfully increase their business in Africa to partnering with international NGOs on their social impact initiatives geared toward the continent. This exposure has allowed me to find the topics I am most passionate about and further build on those.

Nomava Zanazo
Senior Knowledge Analyst

Having rejoined BCG after a long career in the industry, I feel privileged to now be able to bring my experience into my consulting work. I enjoy very much the breadth and depth of challenges I encounter in my client work and even more so the opportunity to help my clients navigate them in a digital age. Consulting work is very different from work in the industry: the pace is faster, the demands are higher, and the environment is constantly changing. This makes me see familiar situations in a different light, challenge myself, and develop in new dimensions. BCG has grown a lot since my previous tenure at the firm, but its culture and values remain amazingly intact. It is still (or even more) diverse, insight driven, and uncompromisingly client focused. This is why I decided to join BCG the first time and have rejoined it now.”

Anastassia Petinova

I recently joined the Agile at Scale team at BCG. Since joining, senior practice leaders across the globe have involved me in all the discussions around how to grow the practice, what our priorities should be, and what IP we should develop for client impact. Getting an opportunity to help define and shape the strategic direction of a growing practice is phenomenal! It pushes me to broaden my horizons and try new things, which is vital for me as I think about my journey forward.”

Shilpa Kaul
Knowledge Expert

Since joining BCG one and a half years ago, I have been pulled into several new projects or topics that make the work very varied. What I really enjoy is being able to influence the design of new programs; at BCG, every voice matters regardless of hierarchy. I am part of the global Women@BCG team, and we have kicked off so many new initiatives in the past few months that wouldn’t have been possible in other organizations I have worked in. In addition, it is really fun to work with a very diverse group of people from different countries and backgrounds. And BCG meetings always include a fun element, which I wouldn’t want to miss!”

Heide Wedekind
CEMA HR Manager

I previously worked in the ad tech world, building and operating data science teams that served sales, account management, and procurement across Europe and the Americas. At BCG, I have the opportunity to build teams of advanced-analytics specialists across multiple industries and functions, covering all capabilities along the analytics value chain—from data engineering to automation and visualization. BCG also offers me top-notch learning opportunities, a pristine network of professionals, and the methodology that allows me to advance as a professional and allocate my day-to-day to an overarching framework—rendering a much deeper understanding of the entire topic of analytics and data science. My role gives me lots of room to shape the future of BCG through my work. I could not say no to this opportunity to create impact and learn at the same time.”

Kathrin Schwan
Europe Analytics Business Management Director - GAMMA

At BCG, I can follow my passion to drive innovation and develop new capabilities within our people. As a recent example, I was tasked to pilot a regional mobility initiative aimed at developing ideas on how we can build the digital skills of our consultants. Using my previous experience, we designed and launched a digital secondment program, which allows a selected group of consultants to immerse themselves for a period of time in either BCG Digital Ventures or BCG Gamma, our digital and analytics businesses. I am grateful and proud that I have the opportunity to work together with passionate leaders to create real impact for our clients and BCG. This is what motivates me every day.”

Monika Schmidt
CEMA/WESA Staffing, Mobility and Expertise Director

I was working at Nielsen—focusing on FMCG products—before joining BCG. My new role with BCG’s CCI (the Center for Customer Insight) provides me more diverse perspectives about consumers insight. I have had chance to not only work in consumer goods but also industrial products, sharing consumer research findings and also partnering with clients to improve consumer research capabilities. The most fun part is that CCI is more like a startup at BCG, and we are continuously redefining and developing our products to add more value to the firm and our clients.”

Claire Yang
Lead Knowledge Analyst

I spent more than 15 years as an independent coach using agile. My shift to BCG has provided me with an opportunity to access higher levels of leadership to not only grow my coaching capabilities but to make more of an impact with my time. I chose BCG because they have a collaborative and family-like nature that is well aligned with agile, and because their people are super-smart, focused on cutting-edge technology and outcomes.”

Renee Troughton
Associate Director

Make an Impact at Work

Make an Impact at Work

Make an Impact at Work

Joining BCG as an Experienced Hire

Joining BCG as an Experienced Hire

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Joining BCG as an Experienced Professional