Yoonjin Is a Fearless Seeker

Associate, Houston

At BCG, Seekers go deep into the challenging issues our clients face. Their curiosity empowers our teams to facilitate change and add value to society. Yoonjin is unafraid to try new things.

There's nothing cooler than being one year out of college and seeing articles being written about your former client's game-changing new products—ones that you helped conceptualize and develop.

Yoonjin Min

In Yoonjin’s Words

I've always been someone who seeks diversity in learning (my undergraduate majors covered seven different departments), and so I chose BCG to continuously have access to a breadth of learning opportunities. Over the past two years, my projects have spanned numerous topics—such as developing a solar entry and business plan or nontraditional payment models for hospital patients. I'm energized every day by the innovative, intellectual challenges I get to pursue.

BCG has also enabled my passion for discovering and becoming immersed in different cultures. In 2015, I worked in Indonesia with a global team (representing eight offices from four continents), which has been one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my career thus far.

About Yoonjin

Yoonjin holds a degree in cognitive sciences and economics from Rice University, where she also served as student body president her senior year. She is also a certified yoga teacher.


Why did you choose to work at BCG?

I am someone who is driven by impact. While in the recruiting process, I focused on asking former summer interns what role they played on their teams and how that played into the broader scope of the case problem. I felt like every person I talked to was able to articulate both the piece they directly owned as well as how that impacted the final recommendations to the client. Even more fundamentally, I realized that I was intellectually curious about the types of questions BCG was answering for its clients. It was easy to conceptualize the type of work I would be doing and feel confident that it would be energizing to me.

How do you maintain a sustainable career balance at BCG?

What I've learned is that setting your personal priorities and boundaries is key to maintaining work-life balance. For example, while I travel, I value the ability to sustain a regular yoga practice. I typically join a yoga studio in every city I travel to and establish a "yoga schedule" with my team leadership. This time is protected—no meetings, etcetera, to be scheduled over it. I've really appreciated how my teams respect this priority. BCG wants your career to be sustainable, and so there are mechanisms in place for you to make it work for you.

How have you benefited from a mentoring relationship at BCG?

I'm lucky to call several people at BCG my mentors. What I love is that these mentoring relationships extend beyond our professional environment. There is a Houston partner who I meet with regularly to discuss my developmental objectives, staffing, long-term career goals—as well as personal fitness, relationships, travel plans, and more. She's been a huge supporter of all my interests; she was front and center at the first yoga class I ever taught. One of the best pieces of advice she has given me is that there's no need to race through life. Speaking with her has helped me reflect on my priorities and make the right decisions for me.

Yoonjin Is a Fearless Seeker