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Advanced-Degree Internships

How do I apply for a summer internship?

At this time, we are currently considering PhD or Post Doc students for internships in our Canada offices. For those in North America, we encourage you to keep in touch out our 2018 Bridge to BCG program and upcoming full time opportunities.

For JDs, we are looking to grow our on-campus recruiting efforts at many institutions in the coming years! If you are a student at Harvard Law School, please refer to the BCG HLS webpage for deadlines and the application process. 2Ls may submit applications during the summer application deadline for internships the following summer. These applications would be considered for summer internships beginning the next summer.

For MDs, we encourage application submission during the late fall for summer internships beginning the following summer. We understand that many MDs are unable to participate in traditional summer internships. We encourage you to reach out to your local recruiting office to identify the best time to apply if you cannot partake in our traditional ten-week summer program.

Advanced Degrees