Advanced Degree Careers at BCG

Do you have an advanced degree—a PhD, a JD, or an MD—and an interest in a business career? Then you should consider applying to BCG.

Conventional approaches rarely get our clients where they need to be. Our clients' toughest business problems require creative thinking and a combination of viewpoints, angles, and perspectives. As a consultant with an advanced degree aka ADC, you'll make a different kind of impact.

Your fresh and distinct perspective is needed at BCG. You'll join a team of incredibly diverse backgrounds, where your intellectual curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills can make valuable contributions to client projects from day one. At BCG, you will continuously expand your areas of knowledge, enhance your skills, and advance your career in a way and at a pace unmatched by most other companies.

We will help you transition from the academic or scientific world through our on-the-job apprenticeship model, mentorship opportunities, and extensive training program. We offer customized training programs for non-business background consultants to ensure a strong foundation for a successful career in strategy consulting.

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Advanced Degree Careers at BCG